WorthWhile Brand... Its more than a brand, its you.

WorthWhile Brand is more than a clothing brand, its a mindset. The meaning and message behind it is that we want everyone, no matter who you are or what situation you are in, to never forget that he or she is worth it. Only you can know your worth. Everyone goes through hard times and times that they feel like they aren't worth it. Those hard times vary dramatically between people and everyone experiences them differently. Its about accepting those hard times and remembering that with every downfall comes a great uprise. You may be wondering how you know you're...

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Chase Blanchard aka (Cut to the Chase)

Chase Blanchard is a 20 year old real-estate agent located in Spring Hill, TN. For the past 2 years he has been killing the real estate game day by day, and always wanting to learn more and help others. In real estate, there are thousands of other agents trying to guide and assist others in their home buying experience. So its important, as an agent, to make yourself stand out, catch the eye of potential home buyers, and make them want to buy their home through you! The key to making yourself stand out is to simply be yourself. Thats...

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Why do people settle for less?

The main thing that prevents people from achieving their dreams and goals is simply mindset. What you tell yourself you can or can not do determines everything. Think of your brain as a like raising a puppy, it does what ever it wants when its little, runs around pooping and peeing everywhere, chewing on things, and not listening to what you say. As the dog gets older though, it learns its name, where to use the bathroom, where its home is, and what its toys are etc. People are the same way. We grow up as children, learn our names,...

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