Collection: Reflection Collection

The Reflection Collection is our way to help aid in the battle against anxiety, depression, and self-doubt.
It is scientifically proven that daily practice of positive self-reflection helps reduce things like anxiety, stress, and self-doubt, while also helping with an optimistic mindset, self-confidence, and self-love.
In our day to day lives it’s hard to make time to reflect when our focus & energy is being pulled in a million different directions. We stay busy taking care of family, work, relationships, and personal life struggles. Under that pressure we tend to lose focus on one of the most important things of all, ourselves.
That is why we created The Mirror Effect line. All Mirror Effect apparel is printed/embroidered with a positive message in reverse so that when you see your reflection we will be there a boost of encouragement right there with you.
We all have days that we don’t wake up saying “I am worth it” and WorthWhile Brands mission is to remind you that you are.
Make those moments with yourself matter, make them WorthWhile.